To whom this may concern

Safu / Sarah Furrer was born in Switzerland but lived the first six years of her life in San Diego.
She then returned to Switzerland and lived in Lucerne, where she also studied graphic design. Meanwhile she lives and works in Zurich. Already at the young age of three she discovered her passion for art and spend days and nights drawing and sketching. Nowadays she expresses her passion and talent in spectacular illustrations. These illustrations often show characters (mostly female), painted with clear black lines. Colours are used rarely and just to highlight some details if necessary. She likes to paint with black pencils, markers, acrylic and ink best. Sarah’s creativity is characterized by an urban and contemporaneous style. In her artworks the influence and inspiration of numerous travels, books, magazines, everyday life and music can be observed.
Sarah manages to merge all these influences with her distinctive style to complete and accomplish her works.