Illustration & Wall Painting

My illustrations depict a wide variety of objects, people, animals and buildings, painted with clear black lines. Colors are used rarely and just to highlight some details if necessary. I work both digital and analogue,  mixing black pencils, markers, acrylic and ink with Illustrator and Photoshop. I draw my inspiration from mural and street art and often combine illustrations with graphic design.

Graphic Design & Art Direction

Whether it is for a product, a person or a topic, my graphic design always adapts to the content, branding it with a distinct graphic language. I'm not happy until the graphic design becomes uniquely animated with the passion of the people it represents.

Education & Background

I studied graphic design at the School of Art and Design in Lucerne. I worked in various Design Agencies in Berlin, Bern and Zurich. Since 2014 I'm self-employed. 

I was born in Switzerland but lived the first six years of my life in sunny San Diego. Then I returned to Switzerland and lived in Lucerne, now I live and work in Zurich. In my artworks the influence and inspiration of numerous travels, books, magazines, everyday life and music can be observed. I merge all these influences with a distinctive style to complete and accomplish my works.