Illustration & Mural Art

My illustrations depict a wide variety of objects, people, animals and buildings, painted with clear black lines. Colors are used rarely and just to highlight some details if necessary. I work both digital and analogue,  mixing black pencils, markers, acrylic and ink with Illustrator and Photoshop. I draw my inspiration from mural and urban art and often combine illustrations with graphic design.

Graphic Design & Art Direction

Whether it is for a product, a person or a topic, my graphic design always adapts to the content, branding it with a distinct graphic language. I'm not happy until the graphic design becomes uniquely animated with the passion of the people it represents.

Education & Background

I studied graphic design at the School of Art and Design in Lucerne. I worked in various Design Agencies in Berlin, Bern and Zurich. Since 2014 I'm self-employed. 

I was born in Switzerland but lived the first six years of my life in sunny San Diego. Then I returned to Switzerland and lived in Lucerne, now I live and work in Zurich. In my artworks the influence and inspiration of numerous travels, books, magazines, everyday life and music can be observed. I merge all these influences with a distinctive style to complete and accomplish my works.


Stadt Zürich, Grün Stadt Zürich, Stadt Zürich Hochbaudepartement, Karl der Grosse, SJW Schweizerisches Jugendschriftenwerk, Les Belles de Nuit, Schulverlag Plus AG, Universität Luzern, SWATCH, DD COM AG, Yootea, LIV Creatives, Upright, Zermatt Unplugged Zürich, Kaufleuten Zürich, Sir Mary Kreativagentur, We Show Off, HILTL, Karling AG, Sihlcity, Allianz, Clou Creative, Emmi AG, Comerge AG, Hive Club Zürich, Bilanz Magazin, Volvo, YAMASAKE, TBS Marken Partner AG, Büro4, ZHAW, Stala Sett, Atelier Ushi Tamborriello, Züritipp, Raffinerie AG für Gestaltung usw.